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  • System Design

  • Design Installation

  • Project Management

  • Production Design

  • Exterior Lighting

  • CAD Drawings

  • Console Upgrades

  • Console Programming

  • Console Training

  • Energy Star LED Upgrades

  • ETCP Rigging Inspections

  • Curtain Design and Install

Services and Installation

Lighting, Rigging, and Curtains

Theatrical and event lighting has experienced rapid advances in technology. When trying to determine what is best for your venue, it can become very overwhelming. But we have great news for you,  we’re here to help. At Let There Be Light, we can provide you with training on your current lighting systems or we can design and guide you in the process of creating a brand new energy-efficient lighting system. If you have parts of your system that are not working correctly we also offer field repair services. Let There Be Light has been serving Arkansas for over 20 years. Our staff has a wide range of qualifications and we are excited to assist you in your next training, project, or repair.


Not only does Let There Be Light provide you with inspired lighting ideas, but we can also provide you with industry-leading rigging and curtain installation. All of our rigging inspectors are ETCP certified and eager to assist you in your next rigging service or upgrade.

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