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Featured Products


UV-C Light Purifier

With UV-C technology it is possible to destroy more than 99.99% of all pathogens within seconds, without adding chemicals, without harmful side effects and an inexpensive solution that is highly efficient

and reliable.

ColorSource Spot Jr

ColorSource Spot jr gives you more of what you love at a fraction of the cost AND a fraction of the size. This fixture uses the same color technology as other ETC fixtures including droop compensation, extensive third-party lifetime testing, and comprehensive factory color calibration.

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Focus Spot 5Z

Powered by a 200W cool white LED engine, the Focus Spot 5Z is feature packed with motorized focus and zoom, 2 prism effects, 2 color wheels (each with 8 colors), a GOBO wheel with 7 GOBOs + open, and two frost filters to create soft edge wash looks.

Our Products

Let there be light can provide you with products from these leading manufactures. If you are interested in products from any of these manufacturers, please complete the form below and we will contact you and assist you with your next project.

Source 4WRD II LED

With a full family of options available, you can retrofit existing Source Four incandescent fixtures, or add to your inventory knowing that you’re gaining some of the best white light LED technology on the market. Available as Source 4WRD Spot, PAR, PARNel, and as an LED retrofit.

All Source 4WRD fixtures are available in both warm and cool white arrays.

Curtains, Rigging, and More

Quality. Service. Beauty. Bellatex manufactures the highest-quality stage curtains of all types. We provide rigging equipment and installation. We are also happy to provide design-build services.

Encore Fresnel

Both of the new fixtures are powered by highly efficient and reliable LED light-sources and generate a soft-edged beam at 3000K with a CRI of 95. They feature barn doors to allow dispersion adjustment as well as a manual zoom control that allows the beam angle to be adjusted between 8 and 50 degrees. This means that the units are equally suited to providing a broad stage-filling wash as they are to generating a concentrated pool of light for highlighting particular performers or set elements.

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